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Hello Camel Students and Families. This is Adam Ritter, Principal at Campbell County High School. As we prepare for the school year I want you to know that all parties involved in the planning are keeping the health and safety of our students and staff at the forefront of every decision we make. We as a school are committed to ensuring we continue to provide the high- quality education that Campbell County High School is known for.

As we enter this school year we will operate under the guidelines given to us by the CDC and the Governor. These guidelines are continually changing and we may have to adapt delivery and logistics throughout the school year.

Mask Expectations

Currently, all students and staff in the building must wear a mask. This will be the expectation throughout the day and students will be provided with the opportunity to have socially distanced and scheduled breaks. Please talk to your students about this expectation and help in ensuring that all students who enter the building follow this requirement as per the Governor’s Executive Order.


Other safety measures will be in place to limit class changes, allow one-way direction in halls during class changes, and to ensure proper seating to allow for contact tracing. We will have constant cleaning in halls after class changes, restroom breaks and in classes between bells.


Explanation of Options:


Hybrid Instruction:

· A-group students will report to school on Monday and Tuesday. (Students will attend periods 1,3,5,7 on Monday and periods 2,4,6, CLC on Tuesday)

· B-group students will report to school on Thursday and Friday (Students will attend periods 1,3,5,7 on Thursday and periods 2,4,6, CLC on Friday)

· Both groups of students will log into their classes virtually at normal times on the days they are learning from home.

This allows for all students to be learning the same material and ensures all necessary content is covered as normally.

· On Wednesdays all students will be learning virtually with teacher provided activities and lessons that will be posted on Schoology.


Virtual Instruction:

· Students will follow their assigned schedule and log into their courses at the normal times through the Google Meets forum. (The time frame of courses will be sent out soon)

· On Wednesday students will access materials provided by the teachers and lessons posted on Schoology.

Virtual students following their assigned schedule ensures that all students are receiving the same instruction and that all necessary content is covered as normal.


Student Schedules:

I know many students are wanting to know their schedules. We are waiting for the results of the survey to inform us how many students will be in the building each day. If the need arises we may have to adjust the master schedule. As soon as adjustments are made we will release student schedules. We are very proud of the wide variety of classes we offer at CCHS. We are working hard to ensure students have the classes they have requested, and will only make changes to accommodate distancing guidelines to account for restrictions of various activities.

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