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MATH...  Please refer to Mrs. Polatka's webpage for more info.

The standards for math have changed a bit.  Therefore the work/types of assignments that you have seen in the past at CRES may be a little different.  We will still be using some resources from the Everyday Math program, but we will be using some other supplemental materials as well. 

There will probably be homework in math 4 days a week.  The homework you see should be practice of skills/concepts that have already been taught at school.  The students should be able to do this work independently.  If, for some reason, your child is not able to do the work independently, ask a couple of questions to see what is giving him/her trouble.  There are Student Reference Books assigned to each student the first day of school.  This book has formulas, procedures, directions, and examples which may help you out at home.  If that book doesn't do the trick, then just send the work back to school uncompleted with a note from you.  Also, homework should not exceed one hour per evening.  If you find that the homework is taking longer than one hour--stop and send in a note. 

The kids will also be assigned some math tools that will be returned at the end of the year.  Please encourage your child to be responsible for these items, so they will not have to be replaced (and paid for).