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Social Studies

This year we will be studying the strands of social studies (culture, geography, economics, history, and government), all in the context of our country. "USA, USA, USA!"

We will be studying American History from roughly the Ice Age to the present.  (yep, that's all.)  As we learn about the history of our country, we will also consider the other strands of social studies during each historical era.  This course is meant to be an overview of our history and provide a framework for more in-depth study in middle school and high school.  

Our lessons will be hands on and interactive as much as possible.  My job is to make kids excited about learning--and I take my job very seriously.  They are going to love (or at least, greatly appreciate) social studies.


Materials Management

Students will have notebooks and folders that we will use everyday.  There will be various handouts that students will be given daily.  I will have a few extra copies in my classroom, but I also want to provide an on-line resource for you to access if necessary. These files can be found on the "MOOSTACHIOS" page under links and files.  Chose the file that says "social studies resources".

There will be occasional homework in social studies.  If a student is unable to finish the homework by the time it is due, he/she will move a level--UNLESS there is a note from the parent/guardian explaining why it couldn't be finished. Please do not stress about this...there really will not be much homework.  


Contacting Mrs. McGinnis

If you need to contact me for any reason, you have lots of options...  1.  write a note  2.  send an email to    3.  call the school and leave a message  (my least favorite)   4.  send a carrier pigeon with a cryptogram (my favorite!)  5.  send a message through a kid (somewhat unreliable, but often entertaining)