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Superintendent's Message - CCS Update - January 20, 2022

Greetings Campbell County Families,

Presented below is my most recent update, providing important information about Campbell County Schools.  I would like to invite you to read this information at your earliest convenience.


Continuation of Learning/ Weather NTI Days:

Last week I asked elementary principals to prepare for the possibility of sending one-to-one computer devices home with children for either a weather or COVID-related NTI day.  As it turned out, we were able to limp through last week and make it to the three-day weekend without having to call for a COVID NTI day.  In addition, we have currently utilized two snow days and have three more available to use before we move into weather-related NTI days.  Parents, I want to make sure everyone understands and is prepared for students to bring home devices when an NTI day is called.  When that device comes home, I encourage you to go ahead and connect it to your Wi-Fi or internet router so that the device is ready for the next school day. Please click on this link (see below) to access directions for connecting your child's device to your home Wi-Fi. Please contact your child's teacher or principal if you have any questions.

WiFi Setup Links



Vaccines/ Boosters/ Quarantines:

I want to continue to remind everyone of the need to receive boosters, particularly if you are 18 years of age or older and you received your last shot in your vaccination series over five months ago.  This is necessary to be considered fully vaccinated.  For children under the age of 18, they just have to compete their initial vaccine series to be considered fully vaccinated.  They do not require a booster.

I also want to continue to remind you that our test to stay program can enable staff and students to receive a free COVID test each morning at one of our schools, if exposed to someone with COVID, or if COVID-like symptoms exist. Individuals must register to receive a test.  Registration can be completed via this link.  You can navigate to this link through the COVID section of our webpage.  Please see below.

Access the CCS Webpage and Click on COVID-19 Information:

Covid Info Webpage


Then, click on Test-To- Stay Registration:

Test to stay registration link


COVID-Related School Decisions:

As I mentioned last week, my goal is to keep our students in school as long as possible.  Yes, our student attendance has been atrocious.  Yes, staffing has been an issue and we have had to work hard to plug holes and provide coverage when we are short on subs.  We have 14% of our entire staff out today and only half are covered by subs.  That stretches us and we have to cover, but we have been able to maintain the operation.  I will continue on that path as long as the general health response to the variants continue to be mild and as long as we can provide coverage.  The newly passed Senate Bill 25, signed by Governor Beshear last Friday only allows for up to 10 COVID-related NTI days to be utilized, but with the caveat that I cannot close the entire school district, only individual schools.  So that means, I must use any COVID NTI days very, very judiciously.  I cannot just shut the school down due to COVID.  If I do, those days are not considered NTI and must be made up at the end of the year.  

So, if you run into any of our staff members or administrators, please thank them for their extraordinary effort to keep our children in school and learning.  They work, every day, to make sure we cover absences and can keep the operation moving forward.


District COVID Numbers:

Please see the number of students who are positive or in quarantine right now.  The numbers of positives and quarantines have decreased a little this week.  

CCS Covid 1-20-22


District Attendance Rate:

Just as a reminder, our goal is to exceed a 93% attendance rate as a district which is represented by the black, dashed line.  The white line represents the district attendance rate, which was at 87% yesterday, which is the highest its been since January 4th.  Hopefully this is a sign of better numbers to follow.  You can see that we had five data points yesterday that were all better than the day(s) prior. Our attendance is still really bad as students continue to work through quarantines.

CCS Attendance 1-20-22


Campbell County Incidence Rate, By Zip Code:

As published daily by the Northern Kentucky Health Department (NKY Health):

The incidence rate continues to be very high.  Some of our zip codes have begun to fall.  

NKY Covid 1-20-22


I hope this information has been helpful to you.

Thank you again, for your ongoing trust and support. 



David A. Rust, Superintendent

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