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Superintendent's Message - CCS Update - January 13, 2022

Greetings Campbell County Families,

Presented below is my most recent update, providing important information about Campbell County Schools.  I would like to invite you to read this information at your earliest convenience.


January Board Meeting:

The Campbell County Board of Education met, in-person, at their regular monthly meeting on Monday, January 10th, at 6:00 pm.  

Action taken at the meeting is summarized in a Board Brief which may be accessed HERE.  A video replay of the meeting is available via Youtube as well.


Superintendent Position:

I want to take this opportunity to share that my contract as superintendent expires at the close of this school year (June 30th) and that I will not be returning as Campbell County's superintendent next year.  Next week, the Board of Education will begin the process of posting my position and initiating a search for a new superintendent.  Please know that I will continue to faithfully discharge my duties on behalf of our kids and the community through the remainder of my contract.


Vaccines/ Boosters/ Quarantines:

I would like to remind everyone that all individuals, age 12 and older, are now eligible for a vaccine booster.  The CDC recommends the booster for anyone who completed their first vaccine series five months or more ago.  This is VERY IMPORTANT as individuals who are eligible, MUST have a booster to be considered fully vaccinated in order to avoid quarantines if they are exposed to someone and have no symptoms. The exception is children aged 5-17.  They do not require a booster to be considered fully vaccinated. I would like to strongly encourage those who are eligible, to make an appointment to receive a booster as soon as possible.  

The Kentucky Department of Public Health (KDPH) has updated their isolation and quarantine guidance to match what was released by the CDC last week.  We have adopted this update guidance, per our operational plan.  The KDPH updated document is available HERE.


Test To Stay:

New guidance allows for the test to stay program to be extended for use for any student or staff member to be tested, regardless of whether or not they were exposed at school, at home or in the community.  The test to stay program was formerly restricted just to those exposed at school.  This new change is VERY beneficial.  As you know, it has become more and more difficult and lines have been long to get tested.  This change in test to stay enables us to make tests available every morning for those who have an exposure, regardless of its origin.  


District COVID Numbers:

Please see the number of students who are positive or in quarantine right now.  The numbers of positives have increased again this week.  

CC Covid 1-12-22


District Attendance Rate:

Just as a reminder, our goal is to exceed a 93% attendance rate as a district which is represented by the black, dashed line.  The white line represents the district attendance rate. Our attendance is still really bad as students continue to work through quarantines.

cc Attendance 1-12-22


Campbell County Incidence Rate, By Zip Code:

As published daily by the Northern Kentucky Health Department (NKY Health):

The incidence rate continues to be very high.  But the numbers have fallen from the beginning of the week, which gives me hope that we are beginning to see our peak.

NKY Covid 1-12-22


Decisions Moving Forward:

I recognize that the incidence and attendance rates are both really poor right now.  I am pleased to share that the VAST majority of positives have resulted in what amounts to cold-like symptoms and most return quickly to work or school after those symptoms subside.  I have been watching our staffing levels very carefully. Our staff members have been ROCK STARS these past two weeks, working to fill gaps to keep the operation running. We had fewer positives in our test to stay program and our staff attendance, although poor, has held.  The shortened isolations have helped tremendously.  I know word has gotten out that I strongly considered moving the district to virtual-only instruction for next week and prepared our principals for that possibility.  Please know that I will continue to watch our staffing numbers and if we get to a point where we cannot operate any longer, we will pivot to virtual-only instruction.  I know that is a massive inconvenience and hardship for many families and I will hold off from that decision as long as possible.  But we are holding right now, and fingers crossed, things will begin to improve next week.  


I hope this information has been helpful to you.

Thank you again, for your ongoing trust and support. 



David A. Rust, Superintendent

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