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Superintendent's Message - CCS COVID Weekly Update - February 25, 2021

Greetings Campbell County Families,

Presented below is my weekly COVID update, providing important information about our COVID numbers, school status and other items of interest.  I would like to invite you to read this information at your earliest convenience.


County COVID Incidence Update:

Based on February 24th numbers, our county COVID rate is 23.1 incidents per 100,000 people, down from 29.3 last week!  The current overall state rate is 23.2/100,000, a modest improvement from 23.8 /100,000 last week.  Both our local numbers and the state numbers continue to improve!

KY covid numbers 2-25-21


District COVID Data - Current:

Listed below is our updated positive/quarantine list, by school.  Our student and staff quarantines, and our student positives are all down from last week, which is great! Our student positives decreased from 13 to 10 this week.  We only have two staff positives, which is the same from last week, but quarantines are down from 5 to 4.  Student quarantines dropped from 63 last week to 42 this week.  No school has more than 9 students in quarantine, which is fantastic!


District Covid Numbers  2-25-21

Current School Programming:

We are continuing to move forward with our Hybrid Model next week.  Next week will be our last week of Hybrid!


Proposed Change to School Programming:

Beginning on Monday, March 8th for all schools, excluding Campbell County High School, the district will initiate the following change in instructional delivery.  At Campbell County High School, this change will begin on March 10th to accommodate the timing of its administration of the ACT. High school families will receive additional information from Mr. Ritter regarding the week of March 8th.  

The current hybrid model will be eliminated the week of March 8th.  Students will either be instructed at school, full-time, five days a week, or they will continue receiving instruction synchronously through the all-virtual model that had been previously selected.  All students currently receiving instruction through the hybrid model will automatically be enrolled in the 5-day model unless a guardian indicated on the survey that they wished to move their child(ren) to the all-virtual model instead.  Survey results have been shared with each principal and I would direct any questions regarding instructional placement, to your child's school.  If you did not get a chance to see my presentation to the Board of Education regarding this move, please see this link:

The survey conducted last weekend showed overwhelmingly, the community's desire to return to 5-days of in-person instruction.  With over 4000 responses to the survey, 88.1% of those currently on the hybrid model indicated they wanted five days of instruction and were willing to accept the additional risk to do so.  Interestingly, over 35% of the guardians, whose children are currently all-virtual, elected for the 5-day model as well, once they become eligible after spring break.  In a straight breakdown of all non-kindergarten responses, 81.2% selected the 5-day model, while 18.7% selected to remain in, or move to the all-virtual model.  The latest executive order from Governor Beshear supports our move to get more students into school as he has eliminated the color coded decision model for schools and is encouraging more in-person learning.

In October, when we began working on preliminary plans to bring students back to five days of full-time instruction, we had planned on an 80%-20% break between parent selections of 5-days versus all-virtual.  These numbers seem to be holding up.  This is good because, to provide lunch with distancing, we needed enough students to remain on all-virtual to make it work.  I believe we have accomplished this based on our survey results.  

Here are a few key points surrounding the move forward of which I would like each family to be made aware: 

  1. Mask wearing is still mandatory by all staff, students and visitors to our schools and offices!  Masking has been shown to be a primary means to limit the transmission of infection in schools and we will continue to adhere to this principle.  Principals have been asked to strive for at least three feet of distance between students while they are in class, and they have indicated that they should be able to accomplish this for the vast majority of classrooms, with some indicating that they should be closer to six feet than three feet.  It is important for parents selecting the 5-day option to know, that we will do our very best to generate the most space possible.  We will do our best to provide six feet or more of distance while students are eating, when masks come down.  Principals have been charged with this mandate.  However, as indicated in the survey, by selecting the 5-day model, parents are are assuming an increased level of risk, knowing that their children will likely participate while inside the recommended six feet of social distancing.  This could occur at various times during the school day or while on the school bus.  For those not comfortable with this added assumption of this risk, the district will continue providing an all-virtual and synchronous instructional delivery model, and would recommend the selection of our all-virtual model.   
  2. The virtual option will still be maintained through the remainder of the school year.  For those who selected the all-virtual model in December/January, I ask that you maintain that commitment through Spring Break.  Anyone not on all-virtual, will continue to have the option of moving to virtual instruction at any time  Parents who have committed to all-virtual, beginning on March 8th or re-selected after spring break, will be asked to maintain that decision for the remainder of the school year.    
  3. In my conversation with principals this week, we discussed the fact that parents and students will need to maintain an understanding that, even though we will be back in school five days, there are still many limiting factors to group activities that must be followed.  Each principal will follow up with his or her school community regarding the maintenance of some activities and guidelines, as it specifically applies to each school.


Kindergarten Registration:

Kindergarten registration for the 2021-22 school year will commence on Monday, March 1st, and will be completed ONLINE this year, for the first time!  Our online registration blitz will run through Sunday, March 7th.  Although we will still accept registrations all the way up to the beginning of school next year, the earlier you can register, the better.  The Board of Education has placed emphasis on making sure that we provide full-day kindergarten to any child, for whom it is requested.  Properly staffing the full-day program requires the need to get students registered as early as possible.  Look for our Kindergarten Registration information on the district webpage and individual school websites, beginning on Monday, March 1st.  We are excited to welcome the class of 2034!


A Final Note:

I had a question this week about how to see my previous messages.  Ironically, that was one of the factors that precipitated my change to this communication format because my superintendent messages are automatically archived on the district website.  Here is how you can access them:

     1.  Click on "Superintendent Message" from the district homepage:

Supt Message Liink


     2. Then scroll to the bottom of the active message and click on the link "Archived Messages"

Archive link


     3.  Finally select the date of the message you wish to access:

archive list

I hope this helps. 

Please feel free to reach out to me or your child's principal with any questions.  However, be advised that you should receive follow-up correspondence, specific to your school, by tomorrow evening regarding these changes.

Thank you and have a great evening!


David Rust

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