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Last Updated: 5/2/2019 8:09 PM

As many of you are aware, a conversation about district merger with Campbell County was initiated by the Silver Grove Board of Education in January.  On February 11th, the Silver Grove Board voted in favor of formally proposing a merger with Campbell County Schools.  On February 18th, the Campbell County Board of Education responded to this request by approving the merger.  Since then, both Boards of Education have additionally approved a merger agreement which lays out a plan for the transition, to be completed by June 30, 2019.  Last night in a special session, the Campbell County Board approved the districting of Silver Grove students to our schools for the 2019-20 school year and amended staffing allocations to accommodate the increase of enrollment at the districted schools.

I know there are many questions in the community about this merger and I will try to answer many of them through this post.  Please understand that Campbell County’s absorption of Silver Grove is a very complex, time consuming and tedious process and it will be impossible for me to explain all the pieces that must occur.  But I would like to provide an overview for our communities and answer a few pressing questions to keep folks informed and to reduce any fears or confusion.

At this time, the most pressing question relates to school assignments for children.  With only one high school and middle school, that decision is easy.  Any Silver Grove student in grades 6-8 next year will attend Campbell County Middle School and students in grades 9-12 will attend Campbell County High School.  Students in pre-school through grade five have been districted to Crossroads Elementary.  This will work out easily as the Silver Grove city limits sit squarely within Crossroads’ current attendance boundary and Crossroads has plenty of capacity at the school to receive and service Silver Grove students. 

I will meet next week with the principals of CCHS, CCMS and Crossroads Elementary to create a plan to host “Silver Grove” nights.  These will be dedicated nights, one at each school, when we will roll out the red carpet and welcome Silver Grove parents and students to come and visit the schools, take tours, learn about programming and extracurricular activities, meet staff members, discuss student enrollment/scheduling and get questions answered.  Our goal is to provide lots of information and reduce any confusion.  One important item to note is that Campbell County Schools is hosting our Kindergarten registration blitz next week at our elementaries.  Although different than our dedicated night for Silver Grove families, this will be an opportunity for parents of next year’s kindergarten students to begin enrollment.  Please see this link for information regarding kindergarten registration at Crossroads Elementary.  Questions may be directed to Crossroads’ front office.

In the several days we plan to create a “quick link” and landing page on the Campbell County School District website, designed specifically for Silver Grove parents as a place to go for information specific to you regarding the merger and the transfer of your students to Campbell County.  We will populate this website with additional information throughout the spring.

Another frequently asked question is regarding the use of Silver Grove school property.  At this time, we cannot provide any formal answer, other than to say that we don’t know.  My team has not yet had an opportunity to tour the property and, therefore, cannot yet share any plans.  We hope to tour the property sometime during the spring.  It is important to share that any decision regarding the disposition of school property requires a state-mandated meeting of our Local Planning Committee and the amending of our District Facility Plan to evaluate, discuss and make recommendations for any future use or renovation.  Please know that regardless of any short-term or long-term decisions regarding Silver Grove property, we will prioritize the upkeep and maintenance of the property.  We know the school is a symbolic and important piece of property in Silver Grove and want to honor that by maintaining it.

Finally, I want to share that we are working closely with Jim Palm, Interim Superintendent of Silver Grove, and in conjunction with the Kentucky Department of Education to facilitate the merger transition.  This work will continue throughout the spring and I will continue to provide updates as we proceed.  Again, I ask that everyone remain mindful of the complexity of this task and recognize that there will be a lot going on behind the scenes.  In the end, our goal is to make the transition of Silver Grove families to Campbell County Schools as painless and seamless as possible. 

Thank you and have a great weekend!

Dr. David A. Rust, Superintendent

Campbell County Schools