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Cline Elementary STLP

Thanks for a wonderful year!!

What is S.T.L.P. at Cline?
S.T.L.P. is Student Technology Leadership Program.  Our 4th and 5th grade students are able to apply to be a part of this organization.  They have to fill out the application form, have their parents and teachers sign it.  They also have to be good leaders and role models. 
S.T.L.P. members are responsible for getting the Cline Morning News Show on air every morning. 

Some of the projects we will work on this year are: 
PowerPoint - We will use the program to create an informational slide show.

Publisher - We will use this program to create our own cards.


Windows Live Movie Maker - We will use this to create a movie from photos.

Typing - We will visit various websites to improve our typing skills.

Upkeep of the computers in our school.  We will use paint brushes to get the dust out of the CPU.

We will also use cameras, sound board mixer and a video fader to broadcast the morning news throughout our school.