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Phys. Ed, Art, & Music

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Last Updated: 10/29/2018 1:39 PM

Campbell Ridge is very proud of our Arts, Humanities, and Practical Living offerings.  All students take part in phys. ed, art, music, and library every week.  Descriptions of each class are offered below.

Physical Education

At Campbell Ridge, the Health and Physical education curriculum demonstrates opportunities for students to develop core knowledge, motor skills, fitness plans, and self-management skills.  The physical education teacher develops a curriculum/pacing guide that corresponds with the health standards and units of study.  The Health Education Curriculum is aligned with the Kentucky Core Academic Standards.  Curriculum maps and pacing guides are created to ensure that the daily instruction and assessment challenges our students, while maintaining proper alignment with the curriculum.  Students participate in fitness testing that involve both pre/post assessments, develop a physical activity plan related to the FITT Principle, and are assessed on the components of fitness.  These areas correlate with the big idea of students being able to demonstrate knowledge of life-time wellness.  Life-time sports and the skills used in these sports are developed throughout the school year.  Programs such as Fitness Club, Let Me Run, and Girls on the Run have become a fixture at CRES to help students develop a sense of community, responsibility, and social/physical aspects.  With the curriculum focus on life-time wellness, nutritional core values, and management skills, students will be prepared to be demonstrate the ability to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.



Campbell Ridge Visual Arts classes engage in art by creating, performing, and responding to a variety of art forms and cultural experiences. Students are guided as they explore and learn the elements and principles of art, media, tools and techniques for a deeper understanding art in the world around them.  The arts program offers students the opportunity to develop their own talents in the three processes of the arts with the support of teachers, beyond the regular classroom.

The Visual Arts curriculum provides intentional and meaningful integration of the arts and other content areas with natural cross-curricular connections that are vertically aligned with the Kentucky Core Academic Standards. The school-wide curriculum includes the study of representative exemplary works, artists, visiting artists in residence, cultural traditions, and historical periods to enhance students’ understanding.

Students engage in high-level creative activities and problem solving in the arts through creating and performing. Students apply analytical skills at a high level while responding to the arts by routinely participating in grade level appropriate juried events, exhibitions, and contests, Campbell Ridge hosts a very active online Art Gallery through Artsonia.   

The Art teacher ensures that students are able to independently create original, rich and insightful products/artworks by intentionally applying artistic theory, skills and techniques that are relevant and developmentally appropriate.  Students also have the opportunity to showcase their product designs that are made available for purchase enhancing career and economics awareness in the arts.  Numerous technologies through apps and the internet are available to further develop and promote creative learning skills.



The music program at CRES give students many opportunities to experience, explore, and perform various styles of music. The music teacher, Mrs. Marotta, utilizes the Orff Method of teaching in which students Create, Perform, and Respond to music through movement, exploration, improvisation, creation, composition, poetry, singing, dancing, and instruments. The spiraled curriculum guide students through activities and concepts in a playful way so students are able to reach certain goals by the end of 5th grade: sing in tune, read and perform music, create and perform their own musical ideas, and respond and move to music.

Each year students are exposed to high-quality music through trips to the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra for 3rd and 5th grades. Special guests are also brought into school to perform for students and speak to them about careers in music.

Students are also given extra opportunities to perform. The 3rd grade annually performs a grade-level musical where students audition, rehearse speaking and singing solos and group parts, and perform for the school and the community. We are also able to offer various after-school clubs including Chorus, Orff Ensemble, and Ukulele Club. These clubs rehearse weekly and perform several times throughout the year. Students perform for a Winter Arts Showcase, a Spring Music Showcase, the Veterans Day Program, and NKU Basketball games.