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Matthew Moore

As you are aware, we are entering an unprecedented time in public education.  While I would have never imagined that we would need to have a plan like this in place, I could not be more proud of the efforts of our teachers, para educators, custodians, cafeteria workers, and all other support staff at Campbell County Middle School. 

On Friday, teachers and administrators met with all students to explain the expectations for the coming days and weeks and walked them through how they will be able to receive instruction during this time.  Additionally, we were able to inform students of the other resources that are available to families while we are away from our building.  Below you will find some helpful tools for working with your student(s) during this time.

  1. Work with your students to develop a plan for completing their work while they are at home.  CCMS students should be completing work for their classes on a daily basis.  Each class will require about 20-25 minutes of work so that they can stay up to date on all content.
  2. Maintain your regular school day routines.  It is essential that we all stay as close to our regular routines as possible so that we can resume our normal activities as quickly as possible.
  3. Create a space in your home for completing course work.  Students need to be able to focus on their work while they are at home.  This cannot be done with distractions pulling away attention all the time.  When it is time to do school work, that has to be the primary focus.
  4. Ask for help!  When your child needs any assistance with course work, contact the teachers via Schoology or email.  Teachers will be readily available on all school days from 7:30 till 2:30.  If you cannot contact via Schoology or email, please call our front office and leave a detailed message for your teacher.  We will then ensure that this message reaches the staff quickly and they are able to respond.  In addition to our teachers being available, administrators and counselors will also be here to provide assistance wherever it is needed.
  5. Have conversations with your children about the work they are doing.  While taking information in is important, the real learning takes place when our students are able to demonstrate what they have learned to others.  Have your children explain what they are learning and celebrate the growth that is taking place.

Finally, thank you for all you have done so far this year.  We have seen some wonderful growth with many of our students and we do not want to lose the momentum that has taken place this year.  I have always viewed education as a collaboration between our school and our community, but this situation really highlights how important this collaboration really is.  Be sure to follow my Twitter account @ccmsleader, our school Facebook page, and our school website for the most current information.

Thank you for all you do and I cannot wait for our students to return,

Matt Moore

Principal, Campbell County Middle School


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