Superintendent's Message
-Glen Miller
Dear Parents/Community Members: In the fall of 2011, the Campbell County Board of Education set achieving a national ranking as one of its ... read more
Our Schools
Campbell County High School
909 Camel Crossing
Alexandria, KY 41001
Principal:  Renee Boots
Asst. Principal:  Dan  Franzen
Asst. Principal:  Adam Ritter
Asst. Principal:  Angela Young
Important Numbers:
Administration 859-635-4161
Fax 859-448-4886
Records Fax 859-448-4894

Campbell County Middle School
8000 Alexandria Pike
Alexandria, KY 41001
Principal:  Jason Smith
Asst. Principal:  Christie Henson
Asst. Principal:  Eric Morwessel
Important Numbers:
Administration 859-635-6077
Fax 859-448-4863

CCMS Boundaries Map

Campbell Ridge Elementary School
2500 Grandview Road
Alexandria, KY 41001
Principal:  Anthony Mazzei
Important Numbers:
Administration 859-448-4780
Fax 859-448-4788

Campbell Ridge Boundaries Map

Crossroads Elementary School
475 Crossroads Blvd.
Cold Spring, Ky 41076
Principal:  Kim Visse
Asst. Principal:  David Enzweiler
Important Numbers:
Administration 859-441-9174
Fax 859-442-3581

Crossroads Boundaries Map

Donald E. Cline Elementary School
5586 East Alexandria Pike
Cold Spring, KY 41076
Principal:  Connie Ryle
Important Numbers:
Administration 859-781-4544
Fax 859-442-3592

Cline Boundaries Map

Grant's Lick Elementary School
944 Clay Ridge Road
Alexandria, KY 41001
Principal:  Amity Kukla
Important Numbers:
Administration 859-635-2129
Fax 859-448-4871

Grant's Lick Boundaries Map

Campbell County Day Treatment
51 Orchard Lane
Alexandria, KY 41001
Principal:  Alvin Elsbernd
Important Numbers:
Administration 859-635-9113
Fax 859-448-2781

John W. Reiley Elementary School
10631 Alexandria Pike
Alexandria, KY 41001
Principal:  Susan Rath
Important Numbers:
Administration 859-635-2118
Fax 859-448-4852

Reiley Boundaries Map

Campbell County Area Technology Center
909 Camel Crossing
Alexandria, KY 41001
Principal:  Joseph Amann
Important Numbers:
Administration 859-635-4101
Fax 859-635-2766