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Real World Math Videos

My students are always curious about why they need to learn certain things in their math class.  I know I thought the same thing when I was in school, so I have set out to help them undersand how truly valuable math can be in their life.  Every job they could ever be interested in requires them to understand math!  Take a look at our weekly "real world" examples. 

Week 1: Mrs. Mann, Staff Developer at Crossroads Elementary School

Week 2: Mr. Gesenhues, 4th Grade Teacher at Woodfill Elementary School

Week 3: Sergeant Mark Atkins, Campbell County Fire Fighters

Week 4: Rob and Trent, Campbell County Fire Fighters

Week 5: Mayor Rachford, Mayor of Alexandria

Week 6: Mrs. Bezold, School Nurse 

Week 6: (Bonus Video) Mrs. Bezold, School Nurse

Week 7: Jay Kruz and Jocelyn, Rewind 94.9 DJs 

Week 8: Lindsey, Nurse